D2 European Championships – Final Results

It seems it was yesterday…Division II regrouped again in Portoroz Slovenia for their annual European championship from September 8th to 12th this summer.
For four days, 19 sailors regrouped sailing 3 races per day except day of long distance, one race only. 7 classic type A D2 (6.5m2, small battens, triangular sails) and 12 type C (9.5m2 full battened sails, lighter boards, longer fins).
Heavy and light weight categories for C.
Sunny, warm (even hot) temperatures predominated during the week, mostly with light to very light winds. A lot of bottles of water generously distributed on racing track by racing committee.
As evidence, “SLOs” did prepare very seriously the Event as they trusted to capture 1st places.
Category C,
Light weights and overall results,

Helena Puh, unique female participant, won all races but one that she abandoned to her father, Dusan Puh (2nd). Father and daughter are both former D2 Champions in Slovenia and were sailing regular D2s.
Miro Skorjanc secured the 3rd place on Lechner A390. Matic Meza, 100board Davidson replica 4th. Matej Pegan, Lechner A390 following just behind.
All SLOs equipped with 9.5m2 Lukka Sails from local sailmaker.
A special note for Kay Burger, GER, who was never distanced with his brand new but old school Mistral M1 equipped by beautiful green colored sail from SLIM Sails GER. Kay finished 6th.
Heavy weights,
Irek Kutyla, POL, got the podium on his 100Boards Lechner replica, rigged with a 9.5 LoftSails, while ranking 5th overall, a remarkable performance given his weight handicap in those light wind conditions.
Nice performance also from Peter Wauter, BEL, who did well with his D2 Raceboard prototype P380 equipped with 2Win Sails 9.5. Peter hit the 2nd place in heavy and 7th overall.
Classic, “Historic” Category A,
7 irreducible sailors still using old school type, but for some brand new, 6.5 m2 sails, fought like hell to get the podium. SLO Vladimir Borsnar (Lechner A390) finally got the Graal just ahead of AUT Joseph Salvenmoser (Mistral M1), both followed by GRE Chris Valvanis (Lechner L3)
Another fantastic week, where friendships on shore and on waters prevailed. Again a demonstration of efficacy and understanding of what D2 racing is from Racing committee.
On behalf of ID2CA, an enormous “Thank You” to Jadralni Klub Pirat for having hosted our Event again.
We’ll come back!
Long Life to Division 2!
All results here: http://www.klub-pirat.si/en/news/ep-d2-2021-koncni-uradni-rezultati

Results DII-A 
SLO 111 Vladimir Borstnar, Grand Master Lechner A390, Mislinja Joy
AUT 5 Joseph Salvenmoser, Master Mistral M1, Tushinghat
GRE 2 Chris Valavanis, Veteran Lechner L3, DL Sails
GRE 7 Stratos Efthyvoulidis, Veteran Lechner A390, Velazur
SLO 36 Boris Brovinsky, Grand Master Lechner L3, Jesenik
SLO 110 Matjaz Drinovec, Master GS Boards, Mislinja
SLO 666 Robert Vrcon, Grand Master Lechner A390, Slim
Results DII-C
SLO 6 Helena Burger, Veteran, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 8 Dusan Puh, Veteran, Light Val, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 87 Miro Skorjanc, Master, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 121 Matic Meza, Master, Light 100 Boardz Davidson, Lukka 9,5
POL 92 Irek Kutyla, Master, Heavy 100 Boardz, Loft 9,5
SLO 111 Matej Pegan, Master, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
BEL 121 Peter Wauters, Veteran, Heavy RB P380, 2 Win 9,5
SLO 383 Ziga Rozman, Master, Heavy 100 Boardz Davidson, Loft 9,5
GER 66 Kay Buerger, Grand Master, Light Mistral M1, Slim 9,5
SLO 13 Rudi Frantar, Veteran, Heavy Strazisar, Lukka Sails 9,5
CAN 10 Eric Bouillet, Veteran, Light Jaguar J9, Coach 9,5
SLO 65 Uros Meza, Master, Heavy 100 Boardz Davidson, Aerolite
Results DII-C – / Heavy
POL 92 Irek Kutyla, Master, Heavy 36,0 100 Boardz, Loft 9,5
BEL 121 Peter Wauters, Veteran, Heavy 46,0 RB P380, 2 Win 9,5
SLO 383 Ziga Rozman, Master, Heavy 48,0 100 Boardz Davidson, Loft 9,5
SLO 13 Rudi Frantar, Veteran, Heavy 61,0 Strazisar, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 65 Uros Meza, Master, Heavy 91,0 100 Boardz Davidson, Aerolite
Results DII-C – / Light
SLO 6 Helena Burger, Veteran, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 8 Dusan Puh, Veteran, Light Val, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 87 Miro Skorjanc, Master, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
SLO 121 Matic Meza, Master, Light 100 Boardz Davidson, Lukka 9,5
SLO 111 Matej Pegan, Master, Light Lechner A390, Lukka Sails 9,5
GER 66 Kay Buerger, Grand Master, Light Mistral M1, Slim 9,5
CAN 10 Eric Bouillet, Veteran, Light Jaguar J9, Coach 9,5

A Great Time For All at the DII European Championships

The winners

The Division II European Championship weekend was organized on the Heegermeer by WaterSportvereniging Heeg, in collaboration with the IWA (International Windsurfing Association) and the Division II Class Association. The Division II windsurf board is a former Olympic class from 1988 and 1992, with which Stephan van den Berg, among others, sailed the Olympic Games. Participants came from all over Europe and beyond, namely Greece, France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The international official and judge of the event, Bruno Marques, appointed by the IWA, came from Brazil.
In addition to a great series of 11 races, the participants are also treated to a fun program with a barbecue and a true eleven-city experience. On Saturday afternoon various participants surfed through Heeg to Watersportcamping Heeg, where after a beach start a competition was sailed over various pools and ditches behind Heeg.
In the end Petros Katsareas from Greece became European Champion in the A-class, the class with the traditional harness from 1988. Fellow Greek Chris Valavanis was second and Kay Buerger from Germany was third.
In the C-class with modern rigging, the Frenchman Alain Cadre has become European Champion. Irek Kutyla from Poland was second and Dutchman Vincent Thoms from Scheveningen finished in a deserving third place.

All pictures by Thamara Jurgen Putsies

More pictures here : https://www.facebook.com/D2EC2019/

2019 Calendar

The new calendar is out!

Already 9 regattas and 2 match races are booked for 2019

Calendar will be updated as new events are added

Division 2 class 2019 competition calendar

  1. Vintage Wind Slam and Division 2 Slovenian Nationals 24-25-26 May 2019 Zoo Station Velenje Slovenia. Ranking List coefficient 1,5
  2. Division 2 Gondrexange cup 25-26 May 2019 base nautique de Gondrexange ACAL France. Ranking List coefficient 1.
  3. Division 2 European Championships 29 May – 2 June 2019, Pharshoeke,Heeg, Netherlands. Ranking list coefficient 2
  4. ODSC, 30 June 2019 Aalsmeer Netherlands. Ranking List coefficient 1.
  5. Diaporos Regatta 2019, 5-6-7 July 2019, Vourvourou, Halkidiki Greece. Ranking List coefficient 1.
  6. Division II class and Formula, Getskärs Segelsällskap,10-11 August 2019, Getskär Sweden. Ranking List coefficient1.
  7. Piranja Race, 7-8 September 2019 Portoroz Slovenia. Ranking List coefficient 1.
  8. Thermaikos cup 2019, 20-21-22 September 2019 Thermaikos coast Thessaloniki Greece. Ranking List coefficient 1
  9. Chiemsee-Insel Marathon, 5-6 October 2019, Chiemsee Germany. Ranking List coefficient 1

Division 2 class Match Race 2019 competition calendar

  1. 2019 Division 2 Heeg Match Race Cup 2019, 28 May 2019, Pharshoeke,Heeg, Netherlands. Match Race Ranking List coefficient 1.
  2. Diaporos Regatta Match Race Cup 2019, 5 July 2019, Vourvourou Halkidiki Greece. Match Race Ranking List coefficient 1.
  3. Thermaikos Match Race Cup, 20 September 2019, Thermaikos coast Thessaloniki Greece. Match Race Ranking List coefficient 1



1. 2018 US Windsurfing National Festival 25-29 April 2018 Seafort VA USA. Ranking list coefficient 1.5

2. 2018 Vintage Wind Slam- Slovenian Nationals 25-27 May 2018 Zoo Station Velenje Slovenia. Ranking list coefficient 1.5

3. Open Windsurfingregatta, Division 2, konaOne, RS:X 19-20/5/2018 Nynäshamn Sweden. Ranking list coefficient 1.

4. International Windsurfing Regatta 2018 Kalisz 1-3 June 2018 Kalisz Poland. Ranking list coefficient 1

5. Diaporos regatta 2018 6-8 July 2018 Vourvourou Chalkidiki Greece. Ranking list  coefficient 1

6. ODSC Windsurfwedstrijd 8 July 2018 Aalsmeer Nederland. Ranking list coefficient1

7. 2018 Division 2 European Championships 4-9 September 2018 Jadralni Klub Pirat Portoroz Slovenia. Ranking list coefficient 2

8. Thermaikos cup 2018 21-23 September 2018 Thermaikos coast Thessaloniki Greece. Ranking list coefficient 1

9. Chiemsee Insel-Marathon 2018 6-7 October 2018 Chiemsee Germany. Ranking list coefficient 1

This calendar will be updated as soon as a new event is added in the agenda

last update March 12 2018

XX Mar Menor Surfari 2017

22499238_10213424133211696_8584897810484946900_oThe last event of the season took place in the mar menor from 13th to 15th of Octobe during the Surfari, a mythic  windsurfing contest. A fantastic place in the South of Spain where you can find sun ( 30º) , warm water ( 26º) and wind ( 8/15 knots). What’s more interesting  for a DII sailor?

A perfect organization as they celebrated this year the 20th anniversary of the Surfari.

Friday morning all the sailors arrived and started to train.Nice to see new boards like the Kundaka, which is a new design adapted to the “C”type. As material we saw Kundaka, Lechner A390, Jaguar J9 and Reix Super Pro 84 with sails from 2Win2Sails, Loft and Techno 8.5.

The races started on Friday afternoon with 10/12 knots, really good conditions for DII with 3 victories  and a second place, then Omar Moreno with 3 second places and a victory ( both from Club Windsurf Formentera) and Laurent Chapalain to complete the podium with 2 3rd places and 2 4th places.

It has been really great to see to the high potential of the Kundakas, with a different design in hteir rear part as we can see usually in a DII, really more modern and efficient in the light.

Saturday was the big day for the Surfari with the long race open to all material from DI to Formula, RS:X, Techno and some real old school board !

3 races where  DII and Raceboard shared the same were launched with a similar result for the 2 first places, the 3rd one taken by Humberto Martinez from Cartagena.

1/ Alex Buchau, 2/ Omar Moreno, 3/ Huberto Martinez

Sunday was the end of the event with a first race announced for 11AM.…but finally delayed to 1PM. As a lot of people had a long road to do some left before the first start. The final results didn’t change.

A fantastic week end with fun, friendship and a lot of time to discuss the development of the class in Spain, where we need material for the youngs. Seeing some hot spot as Cartagena, Formentera and possibly other is encouraging for the growth of the class.

At the end everybody agreed this is a marvelous place to make a DII big event, and our objective for next year is seeing 20 DII competing in a friendly way !

See you all in 2018 !


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.34.45 AM

Pictures from the event

22496390_1478405178922946_989057656172306704_o 22496350_1478405218922942_939233002087249403_o 22459252_1478405198922944_2846124360922631531_o 22467565_1478405382256259_122374154449954538_o 22496361_2017973831562499_2556261389902718640_o 22519947_2017979768228572_8506230093714568648_o surfari2017-1310-pportas-0906_orig surfari2017-1310-pportas-0918_orig surfari2017-1310-pportas-0947_orig surfari2017-1310-pportas-1142_orig

All pictures by CN Mar Menor

More info on the event here