The Open Division II facebook groups

There are now several Facebook groups related to Open Division II sailboards.

The original group created in 2009 has now more than 800 members, it is the official group for the Div II class of sailboards, you can join by clicking the “f” in the top right corner of the site. It’s with this group that the renewal of the Open Division II started. Mostly in French but also in English.

There is 5 groups dedicated to the US, Spanish, Italian, Greek and German Div II sailors:

IYRU International Displacement Division of Sailboards (Division II)

Open Division II España

Open Division II – ITALIA

Ελληνική ομάδα Division II

Open Division 2 GERMANY

There is also 3 other related groups:

Open Division II – The Open Bar : where Div II sailors meet around a glass of wine, a beer, a vodka,..

Open Division II – The Market Place : are you looking for a board? a sail? that’s the place to be!

Open Division II – Back to the Future : want to discuss super open! well then jump in!

You are welcome to join any of them!