2022 AGM

ID2CA 2022 Annual General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday September 7th, 2022, 18h00
Seekirchen Am Wallersee, Austria

  1. Welcoming message – Eric [5 min]
    • Check Quorum, i.e., Laurent Chapalain, Technical Officer did attend to the meeting on Facetime
    • Quorum met
  2. Financial update –Eric [5min]
    • IWA / ID2CA financial documents were circulated to members
      • No question raised
  3. Achievements – Events – Stratos [30min]
    • 2021 Events
    • 2022 Outlook
      • 2022 D2EC
      • 2022 program
        1. Global Trophy events:
          • Hellenic National Cup,
          • Strandler Cup – German Nationals,
          • Slovenian Nationals-Piranja,
          • Netherlands Nationals,
          • D2EC Wallersee Austria.
        2. Ranking list events : All the above plus Piran Trophy and Diaporos regatta with different coefficients.
    • 2023
      • 2023 program.
        1. ID2CA will try to repeat and enrich the 2022 program including Global Trophy and Ranking List
        2. 2023 National Events will count in Global Trophy with coefficient 1
      • 2023 D2EC
        1. It was decided to follow up with clubs in Bodensee Lake, Germany
        2. Lake Garda as an alternative
  4. Subjects to vote session – Eric
    • EC officer positions for elections this year, either A or B series – 2 years mandat (vote) –Eric [5 min]
      • No candidacy
      • All positions refilled by same individuals by acclamation1.
        • A1 President
        • A2 Secretary
        • B1 Vice President competition
        • B2 Technical Director
  5. Member’s questions: (10 mins)
    • Modification on type A sails.
      • New materials like Mylar, Monofilm etc. are accepted.
      • Other modifications such as size of the mast pocket proposed byTechnical Director were rejected by vote

Annual General Meeting Agenda

Please note that the ID2CA 2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda will be held on Wednesday September 7 th , 2022, at Seekirchen Am Wallersee, Austria, 18h00 Terrace outside

  1. Welcoming message– Eric [5min]
    a. Check Quorum, i.e., Laurent & Tal attending Online if possible
  2. Financial update – Tal /Eric [5min]
    a. IWA / ID2CA financial documents circulated to members.
  3. Achievements – Events – Stratos [30min]
    a. 2021 Events
    b. 2022 Outlook
    i. 2022 D2EC
    ii. 2022 program
    c. 2023
    i. 2023 program
    ii. 2023 D2EC
  4. Subjects to vote session – Tal / Eric
    a. EC officer positions for elections this year, either A or B series – 2 years mandate (vote) – Tal / Eric [5 min]
    i. A1 President
    ii. A2 Secretary
    iii. B1 Vice President competition
    iv. B2 Technical Director
  5. Member’s questions: (10 mins)



1. 2018 US Windsurfing National Festival 25-29 April 2018 Seafort VA USA. Ranking list coefficient 1.5

2. 2018 Vintage Wind Slam- Slovenian Nationals 25-27 May 2018 Zoo Station Velenje Slovenia. Ranking list coefficient 1.5

3. Open Windsurfingregatta, Division 2, konaOne, RS:X 19-20/5/2018 Nynäshamn Sweden. Ranking list coefficient 1.

4. International Windsurfing Regatta 2018 Kalisz 1-3 June 2018 Kalisz Poland. Ranking list coefficient 1

5. Diaporos regatta 2018 6-8 July 2018 Vourvourou Chalkidiki Greece. Ranking list  coefficient 1

6. ODSC Windsurfwedstrijd 8 July 2018 Aalsmeer Nederland. Ranking list coefficient1

7. 2018 Division 2 European Championships 4-9 September 2018 Jadralni Klub Pirat Portoroz Slovenia. Ranking list coefficient 2

8. Thermaikos cup 2018 21-23 September 2018 Thermaikos coast Thessaloniki Greece. Ranking list coefficient 1

9. Chiemsee Insel-Marathon 2018 6-7 October 2018 Chiemsee Germany. Ranking list coefficient 1

This calendar will be updated as soon as a new event is added in the agenda

last update March 12 2018

ID2CA launches Match Racing!

Dear D2 sailor,

Starting May 2017, ID2CA is activating Match Racing competition now as integral part of its racing format  (PS: Match Racing is already part of ID2CA RRS).

Make no mistake: Division IIs are the “Perfect”, “Unrivaled Windsurfing” boards designed to perform such a racing format.

This very popular race format, crystallized by the well known and highly visible Americas Cup,  emphasizes the need for strong board handling, improves all aspects of sailing, specifically time-on-distance skills, starting line positioning, rules understanding, short course strategy and board-on-board tactics. While strengthening again camaraderie between all of our sailors, Match Racing will provide the missing bridge to improve our sailing skills for tactical regatta.

Tournament-style format will make it fun by maximizing the number of races per day and can be organized close to shore. Any DII sailor can start practicing with best friends everywhere, any time without requiring any official Events. Beware, Match Racing is highly “addictive” !

ID2CA will refer to World Sailing 2017-2020 RRS – Appendix C Match Racing rules that it will adapt and simplify to windsurfing use (i.e. single handled crew).

Implemented for 2017 as a test period, it will increasingly ramp up to full speed by the end of year 2018 program.

At this point, ID2CA is launching two MR circuits in parallel:

  • Match Racing specific, official tournaments or as parts of Fleet Events, and
  • Permanent annual Ladder at regional, national and if possible international levels, where sailors can challenge each other and meet everywhere, anytime.

First Match Racing competition will occur at Diaporos Regatta in June this year (check calendar)

Every organizer/club interested to organize Match Racing format Events is invited to contact us.

In the mean time,  every D2 sailors is encouraged to start practicing with best friends, set ladders at local level when number of competitors permits and share the information with Class Association.

Full set of information about Match Racing is available for reading or for download to get familiar with racing format. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime

Have good “fight” and a lot of fun with your best friends!


Vintage Wind Slam 2016

VWSlam16The first Open Div II regatta of the year will be hosted by the Zoo Station nautical club in beautiful Velenje, Slovenia from May 27 to May 29 2016.

VINTAGE WIND SLAM is a three day regatta for open division ll sailors with an ‘open’ regatta on Sunday. The regatta is an official ID2CA event counting for the annual ranking list with the coefficient 1.5 and official Slovenian nationals for open division ll class.

Find all the details in the notice of race.

More information on the venue here

2016 European Windsurfing Festival (08/22 – 08/27)


The festival which regroup RCB, R300 and Open Division II will be held at the Centre Nautique du Moulin Blanc, Brest, Brittany, France

Registrations are now open: http://registration.internationalwindsurfing.com/en/events/register/id/38

The NoR can be found here:  http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com/userfiles/documents/Euro_Festival_Brest_2016_NoR.pdf

Good luck and happy sailing!

ID2CA Annual Ranking System

The following ranking system will be adopted by ID2CA from 2016

ID2CA Sanctioned Events will be classified within four levels:
1. Level 1, coefficient 2.2 – Worlds Championships
2. Level 2, coefficient 2 – Continentals Championships
3. Level 3, coefficient 1.5 – National Championships
4. Level 4, coefficient 1- other standard D2 events

In every event the first placed competitor in each category (i.e. A, B, C, Female) will get points equal to 100 multiplied by the coefficient of the race, the second placed competitor will get points equal to 99 multiplied by the coefficient, etc.

At the end of each year, the total of the points for each competitor will be added in order to classify the athletes in an annual ranking list.

An overall ranking list will also exist. In this overall list will be classed the competitors by their annual sum of points taken in each event in the category that have raced. (In the case that someone race in one event in the category A and in the next in B or C or inverse).

These annual ranking lists will be published on the official website; where they will remain as a permanent record of achievement.

The events and the ranking list are open to all members, in good standing with ID2CA (ie current paid up members) who have complied with equipment registration rules.

Each category will require at least 5 sailors to be validated.

The race coefficient for the ranking list shall be written in the Notice of Race for each event and in the events program