Annual General Meeting Agenda

Please note that the ID2CA 2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda will be held on Wednesday September 7 th , 2022, at Seekirchen Am Wallersee, Austria, 18h00 Terrace outside

  1. Welcoming message– Eric [5min]
    a. Check Quorum, i.e., Laurent & Tal attending Online if possible
  2. Financial update – Tal /Eric [5min]
    a. IWA / ID2CA financial documents circulated to members.
  3. Achievements – Events – Stratos [30min]
    a. 2021 Events
    b. 2022 Outlook
    i. 2022 D2EC
    ii. 2022 program
    c. 2023
    i. 2023 program
    ii. 2023 D2EC
  4. Subjects to vote session – Tal / Eric
    a. EC officer positions for elections this year, either A or B series – 2 years mandate (vote) – Tal / Eric [5 min]
    i. A1 President
    ii. A2 Secretary
    iii. B1 Vice President competition
    iv. B2 Technical Director
  5. Member’s questions: (10 mins)

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