ID2CA Annual Ranking System

The following ranking system will be adopted by ID2CA from 2016

ID2CA Sanctioned Events will be classified within four levels:
1. Level 1, coefficient 2.2 – Worlds Championships
2. Level 2, coefficient 2 – Continentals Championships
3. Level 3, coefficient 1.5 – National Championships
4. Level 4, coefficient 1- other standard D2 events

In every event the first placed competitor in each category (i.e. A, B, C, Female) will get points equal to 100 multiplied by the coefficient of the race, the second placed competitor will get points equal to 99 multiplied by the coefficient, etc.

At the end of each year, the total of the points for each competitor will be added in order to classify the athletes in an annual ranking list.

An overall ranking list will also exist. In this overall list will be classed the competitors by their annual sum of points taken in each event in the category that have raced. (In the case that someone race in one event in the category A and in the next in B or C or inverse).

These annual ranking lists will be published on the official website; where they will remain as a permanent record of achievement.

The events and the ranking list are open to all members, in good standing with ID2CA (ie current paid up members) who have complied with equipment registration rules.

Each category will require at least 5 sailors to be validated.

The race coefficient for the ranking list shall be written in the Notice of Race for each event and in the events program

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