2015 AGM meeting minutes

ID2CA – 2015 AGM

FRIDAY 27th November 2015, 7:00 PM GMT

Meeting Minutes


Eric Bouillet

Laurent Chapalain

Stratos Efthyvoulidis

Robin Bateman

Jonas Davidson

Miro Scorjunc

Florent Lambert

Tal Golan


A. Introduction / ID2CA organization

  • Executive Committee introduction:
    • Eric Bouillet (Association Officer), Canada – International President
    • Laurent Chapalain (Association Officer), Spain – International Chief Measurement Officer
    • Robin Bateman (Association Officer), Ireland – International Treasurer
    • Stratos Efthyvoulidis (Association Officer), Greece – International Events (Races) Officer
    • Tal Golan (Association Officer), USA – International Secretary
    • Aymeric, Switzerland – Media Officer
  • Members on the call:
    • Jonas Davidson, Sweden
    • Miro Scorjunc, Slovenia
    • Florent Lambert, UK
  • Facebook Open Division II group – 1108 members – remains our main platform to recruit more members and communicate with Division II enthusiasts.
  • Technical Committee
    • Laurent Chapalain – International Chief Measurement Officer
    • Tal Golan – International Secretary
    • The Executive Committee is looking to expend the committee and add at minimum two (2) more members. Candidate:
      • Jonas Davidson
      • Looking for other volunteers
      • Prepare a list of target candidates
    • The Executive Committee is Looking to elect a chair for the Technical committee.
      • Looking for candidates
    • The Technical Committee goal is to review and validate the rules by early Q2, 2016, before the start of the planned events.
    • ‘C’ Class – current rules are valid till 2017. The Technical Committee has to review this class rules and decide if the changes are in order.
    • The ID2CA constitution defines how to change Class rules (if needed).
    • Events Race Committees (with the assistance of the ISAF measurers) will mandate the ID2CA Class Rules.
  • Fleet Captains
    • ID2CA constitution specifies the following (see ID2CA constitution complete details):
      • Five (05) or more Full Members of a Country or a Region may apply to the Association Committee to form a Fleet. The application shall be made in writing to the Secretary…
      • Members of the fleet shall hold a meeting once in each year when they shall elect a Fleet Captain and such other officers, as they deem necessary…
    • The Executive Committee approves Florent Lambert request to be appointed as a fleet captain in the UK with target recruitment of at least 5 sailors in the country by end of 2016.


  • 2015
    • ID2CA is a full IWA class member
      • IWA provides ID2CA administrative services and manages the ID2CA financials.
      • One off payment €1000
      • €500 to be paid – (awaiting for invoice)
    • Revenues from Membership
      • 16 members – €510
      • Association Française Open Division II (NCA) – €200
    • Other revenues
      • Dissolution of AFOD2 (leftover funds transferred to ID2CA) – €409
      • Class stickers – TBD (estimated +/- €140)
    • Expenses
      • Purchase of class stickers – €221
    • No income from events in 2015
    • All revenues go to IWA. IWA is budgeting different Windsurfing Class Members. Budget for 2016 in preparation.


  • 2015
    • As the ID2CA was formed in Q1 2015, it was challenging to get on organizers calendar for 2015.
    • Greece, Diaporos was a successful event – See pictures posted by Stratos on the Facebook Open Division II group page.
  • 2016
    • ID2CA own calendar
      • Ireland, Cork – May 15th (to be confirmed)
      • Spain, Blanes – June 4th
      • Greece, Diaporos – July 15th – 17th
      • Slovenia, Piraja – May 25th – 27th
      • Canada, Montreal – July 29th – August 1st (pending confirmation)
      • Florent to share additional UK events with Stratos, to potentially add more sanctioned events in 2016.
    • IWA Sanctioned Events/ID2CA
      • France, Brest – August 22nd – 27th, ID2CA’s main event
    • Participants in sanctioned IWA/ID2CA events:
      • Must be ID2CA active members
      • Equipment must be registered – with class stickers
    • The above annual racing program will translate into an international ranking system that will be kept maintained and published on IWA & Open D2 websites as well as on the international Division II Facebook page. There will be 2016 Champion titles awarded (men, women, youth) at the end of the year.

D. ID2CA – IWA / ISAF Class Rules

  • An ID2CA – Class Rules and Equipment book (D2 boards & sails) is available for measurers for use during sanctioned events and on ID2CA website.
  • In case people have information and pictures to share of other equipment, information can be emailed to ID2CA Chief Measurer at: lchapalain@hotmail.com

E. AFO2D members

  • Granting former AFO2D members ID2CA membership for the remainder of 2015 – unanimously vote YES
  • Discounting €10 on 2016 ID2CA memberships to former AFO2D members who pay ID2CA 2016 membership by January 31st 2016 – unanimously vote YES

F. Next AGM – TBD (Between Sept. – Nov. 2016)

G. Next EC meeting to appoint members to committees – Dates TBD (Q1, 2016)


  • Florent Lambert has requested to lower minimum of sailors to create a fleet (currently minimum is 5 members)
    • We need to refer to the constitution
    • EC will re-evaluate on a case-by-case basis given country situation

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