2015 Davidson Division 2 prototype

Check this out! Jonas new Div II prototype!

Here is what Jonas has to say about his proto:

“The new boards have a totally new design. With the 8,5/9,5 sails it is possible to rail upwind and plane downwind in lower windspeeds compared to the old 6,5 sails. This makes it possible to design the hull for higher speed but still with round bortom all the way back to the stern. The new boards have new position for centerboard and mast-track”

“The prototypes are made of glassfibre and epoxy with a core of expanded polystyren. The weight is 16kg (without fin and centerboard). It is possible to make a lighter board with prepreg and honeycomb but that is if we should start production”

“The dimensions are within D2 classrules. 3900/630/590/220”

Simply Awesome! Congrats Jonas!


Full link to the facebook original post here

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