2017 Division II European Championships to be held in Hungary


ID2CA and IWA invite Division 2 sailors to the 2017 D2 European Championships to be held in Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton, Hungary , 4-9 September 2017.

Championships is open to sailors in good standing with their Class memberships with equipment properly tagged (ID2CA official stickers).

The Event counts for the 2017 ID2CA annual ranking list and is a coefficient 2 competition

Euro 2016 Day 2 Race No. 3

As planned, overcast sky this morning with irregular winds from North, 6-12 knots, cooler temperature (+/- 20 C)
Warning signal around 12.00 pm to send us on the water after the girls RB have their 1st race of the day.
At least 20 minutes going downwind to reach the starting line, pushed by downstream current (low tide) .
Then the start…on time today.
Quickly, big sails took advantage and then game was to find its way between counter currents and gusting zone. I don’t think we ever got 12 knots..maybe 10 max. Hard to climb on rails in that conditions.
Suddenly a thunderstorm surged when on reach (last part of race) and I barely got enough wind to finish race in time behind a 9.5 sailor.
Then wind died entirely, eliminating racers behind me…Lightning strikes and rain forced race committee to cancel other races and security boats took care of carrying almost all of us back to the Club.
Now, evening party with good friends and beers
See you tomorrow for new fights

Euro 2016 first day of racing


Jonas Davidson of Sweden. Picture by Patrik Pollak @ International Raceboard Class

Very good 1st day here…good ambiance..I believe people are just happy realizing that…YES, IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN! Judges, ISAF / WS measurers, Top committee race and organization…. This is serious business..very serious business.

We waited until 3.00 pm they asked us to go on the water…Very hot day, blue sky, very light wind but thermic was coming. So we went on water …nice breeze. 8-12 knots…maybe a bit more upwind in some places.

As already explained, we missed 1st start (I didn’t but was very late) because race committee sent D2 first instead of third as they told us in the Skipper meeting in the morning. 1st Lesson learned (or reminder) : Always stay close to Race committee boart who can decide something different at last minute. Very choppy water but enough wind to move well except at the end of 2nd race. 2nd Lesson learned (or reminder): With only 3 type B sails, no point to make a division so we are diluted into type C Division We knew it but racing with 7.5 old sails vs 8.5 or 9.5 new sails doesn’t help in waves. If was really tough to maintain speed and get on the rails (not enough power most of the time) while watching friends taking off and quickly flying away. But it is what it is. We managed to complete and finish the races from behind.

Tomorrow is another day. Forecast are winds (10-12 knots, more ?) from the North/North East, overcast, with chances of rain by the end of afternoon, cooler..+/- 20 C

Will fight even more 🙂 !

Eric Bouillet

Pictures from day 1 racing (courtesy of International Raceboard Class)

And the results from the first 2 races :

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.20.24 PM

ID2CA temporary ranking

Just a few days before the Europeans in Brest.

Here is the temporary ID2CA 2016 ranking list after 3 official races (Vintage wind slam Slovenia,Blanes Spain,Diaporos regatta Greece).

Remaining 2 races to complete the circuit for 2016: European championships next week with a coefficient 2 and Oceanics in Brisbane in November with a coefficient 2 also .

After that the final list will be posted.

Happy sailing to you all!

10 days to the DIV II Euro 2016 Championships


YES 10 days until the Euro 2016 starts!

This IWA sanctioned event is opened to sailors in good standing with ID2CA ( i.e. Class memberships/tagged/approved equipment required).

Registrations have started already.

Do not wait until last minute.

Take your membership (if not done yet) and fill event forms ASAP.

For NoRs, details are here

Event registration is here

More info here

Good luck & happy sailing!